Top 10 Best Science Experiments from Home

Ever wanted to pretend you were a strange mix of Albert Einstein and Harry Houdini, and perform scientific wonders to make your friends and family marvel?

If so, this video’s for you. In it, you’ll get to see 10 real life exciting magic tricks that anyone can do from home. This video and the tricks in it are appropriate for kids of all ages, but parental supervision is definitely advised!

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How To Make Square Bubbles

Think square bubbles are a figment of fantasy fiction? Think again! In this experiment you’ll learn about the forces that shape bubbles and how you can control them to create squares!

How to Make a Hovercraft

High flying hovercraft are the dreams of superheros and the Jetsons, but in this fun experiment you’ll learn the basic principles behind what could make a real life hovercraft possible in the very near future.

How to Make Slime

Slime is a safe subtance that can provide hours of fun. This experiment is great for a rainy day, using ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen!

This video also includes 7 other popular home science experiments including:

  • How to Make a Rainbow in a Tube
  • How To Make Lava Art At Home
  • How to Make a Home Made Lava Lamp for Kids
  • How To Measure Your Lung Capacity
  • Water Defying Gravity Experiments
  • How to Make a Home Made Candle from an Orange
  • Magic Trick with Matches and a Coin